Bowie's Flat

Bowie's Flat

Bowie's Flat is a wetland project on Bridgewater Creek in Coorparoo. This project was designed to find out how effective wetlands could be in removing pollutants from urban run-off before they reach Moreton Bay. A bushcare group has recently started at this site.


Bowie's Flat is a constructed wetland which lies between Leicester St and Boongall Rd Coorparoo.  It receives stormwater from the catchment of Bridgewater Creek, which brings with it all the normal suburban pollutants as rain flows over roads, carparks, backyards, council parks, footpaths and the like.  Bowie's Flat was created in 2001 by Brisbane City Council, in partnership with N4C and in consultation with the local community.  The goal was to treat stormwater and mitigate flooding, whilst providing habitat and a pleasant spot for a picnic. 

The wetland includes structures such as trash racks, a sediment pond, vegetated wetland areas and a natural channel.  These were intended to remove pollutants like sediments, nutrients, heavy metals and bacteria. At the time, it was a pioneering project as some of today's commonly used modelling tools were not yet available. 


Graphs summarising the baseline ecological monitoring of Bowie's Flat can be found here.


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If you see oily water, dead fish, dumping of rubbish, garden waste or tree removal on a creek bank, contact us or call Brisbane City Council 07 3403 8888

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