Bowie's Flat

Bowie's Flat

Bowie's Flat is a wetland project on Bridgewater Creek in Coorparoo. This project was designed to find out how effective wetlands could be in removing pollutants from urban run-off before they reach Moreton Bay.


Bowie's Flat is a constructed wetland which lies between Leicester St and Boongall Rd Coorparoo.  It was created in 2001 by Brisbane City Council, in partnership with N4C and in consultation with the local community.  The goal was to treat stormwater and mitigate flooding, whilst providing habitat and a pleasant spot for a picnic. 

The wetland includes structures such as trash racks, a sediment pond, vegetated wetland areas and a natural channel.  It removes pollutants like sediments, nutrients, heavy metals and bacteria from Bridgewater Creek. At the time, it was a pioneering project as some of today's commonly used modelling tools were not yet available. 

Water level issues

The design of Bowie's Flat wetland originally intended a low water level to allow for plenty of plants to grow on the banks; however, the system is possibly too small for the catchment it is serving, and some of the ponds may have been over-excavated.  In addition, blocking of the outlet has been a problem.  The water level has been too high for too long, and the native grasses and reeds have died.  Recently, the outlet has been cleared and we hope that new planting will be done and the site will look more attractive, as it was intended.

Strategic plan

In 2012, a strategic plan was developed for Bowie's Flat, by Ashley Nicholson, landscape architect.  You can download it here.

Reference: Water by design at Healthy Waterways



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