Arnwood Place

Arnwood Place

Arnwood Place is a natural channel design project which extends beyond the confluence of Sandy Creek with Norman Creek to Barr Street Park.  Current work aims to control weedy vines and improve habitat; a bushcare group meets here regularly to progress rehabilitation. 

People come to Arnwood Place for all sorts of reasons: to take the dog for a walk, to spot turtles from the bridge, to enjoy the sounds of different bird calls or to look for little fish in the creek.  Other people spend time at the playground in Jessica Andrews Place, drop kids off at child care, or play football in Ekibin Park South.  To N4C, Arnwood Place is where Sandy Creek joins the main channel of Norman Creek, and where a massive rehabilitation project was started 14 years ago.  You can be part of it! 


The current bushcare group (or ecological monitoring) has observed the following species at the site at least once.  If you have seen other animals, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Likewise if you think we have a wrong ID. 


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