Norman Creek Canoe Trip

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Photos from our 2015 canoe trip up Norman Creek from its mouth at East Brisbane to the top of the tidal section at Stones Corner.

In March 2015, N4C members and guests enjoyed a leisurely paddle up Norman Creek.  We chose high tide for the trip, starting at 7.30 am, which allowed us to travel as far up the creek as possible.  Our starting point was Heath Park near Hilton St in East Brisbane, from where we went downstream to the mouth, had a quick look around at the Brisbane River, and then paddled upstream all the way to Stones Corner, where we got out and had coffee.  28 participants got a unique view of the creek and also collected a significant amount of rubbish.

What follows is one canoeist's report of the day:

"First, thanks to you and your helpers for organising a for successful canoe trip on Saturday. Your choice of the day and weather was extremely good. Having walked around a large section of the creek including my time as a parent with sons at Churchie, it was fascinating to see Norman Creek from the creek. We also caught up with people we knew and met some new people. As well the opportunity to sightsee, the group made a small contribution to clearing some of the rubbish from the creek. While the main intent of the day was not rubbish removal, a large amount was removed but depressingly there was a large amount that time and access precluded us from collecting. For the record, 17 bags of rubbish and assorted large items were collected. I sorted recyclables to our “yellow” bin and the rubbish to our “red” bin. Here is a quick summary: Recyclables 9 bags · Predominantly plastic bottles, mainly water bottles · ~ 6 cans · ~ a few aerosol cans · ~ 3 wine bottles Rubbish · Predominantly soft plastic – the dreaded single use plastic bags · Some larger plastic bags / plastic wrapping · Bits of polystyrene · Odd things like bits of shade cloth, pram toys and a handbag Interesting bits · Green plastic chair · Garden hose · Wooden stake – my tomato plant says thanks · 2 hoola hoops · 2 Soccer balls – still inflated · Frisbee · Large bucket of assorted balls, some of which can be offered to RSPCA after disinfecting." (Ray Ison)

Thanks very much to Bryn Dunlop for his substantial contribution to the day!

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